Window Tinting

Update your car’s appeal by coming to Sound Dimensions Plus for car window tinting.

The World Looks Better Behind Tinted Windows

There’s something sleek and attention-grabbing about a car with tinted windows. Update your vehicle’s appearance with our car window tinting service in Long Island, New York. Instead of taking chances with store-bought kits or unknown tinting specialists, depend on Sound Dimensions Plus. We know how to tint car windows the right way, because we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.

Tinted car windows make your vehicle look sleek, stylish, and sexy. At the same time, they reduce the temperature inside your car. Beat the heat and add appeal to your vehicle. We use precise computer-cut tint and state-of-the-art auto window tinting tools to ensure a perfect fit and an eye-catching ride.


Tailored Tinting for Complete Customization

Sure. Tinting helps control the heat, but let’s face it. It’s the customized look you need. What color or shade do you want? We fully customize the tint to match your preferences, as well as your vehicle. From black, blue, and red to yellow, bronze, and chrome, our window tinting service installs all shades and colors that cater to your unique style.

While you’re here, why not schedule a wash, wax, or full car detail.  We offer several options based on your needs. Once we’re finished with your car, it will have showroom appeal that you can show off anywhere. And if you really want to go full throttle with detailing, ask about our Ceramic Pro® service.

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