Built-In Escort Radar Detectors

Drive worry-free by installing an Escort® radar detector.

Do you really want to chance getting another ticket?

Drive worry-free by letting Sound Dimensions Plus in Long Island, New York, install an Escort® radar detector. These advanced systems provide extreme detection range and impressive shield technology. For instance, the Escort® MAX Ci 360 is one of its kind, offering the ultimate in driver alert and ticket protection. These built-in systems alert drivers to all types of speed monitoring devices.


A Smart Radar Detector

Depend on a car radar system that “learns.” Escort® detectors use GPS technology to determine if a threat is real or not. All data is updated real-time while you drive. This ensures the most accurate alerts possible. In addition, some of the models warn you of upcoming alerts reported by other users on the road. With Escort’s defender database technology, you are also alerted in advance to red light and speed camera locations.

We install these built-in radar detectors in discreet locations for your peace of mind. Even though car radar systems are legal for residential vehicle owners, most people like to have them hidden. Drive smarter and avoid getting another ticket by letting us install a built-in radar detector.

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