State-of-the-Art IP Phone Systems

Keep the lines of communication open and clear with advanced IP phone systems.

Upgrade to a VoIP business phone system

Do you still have a traditional phone system at your business – one that offers no features? Upgrade to a VoIP business phone system that provides increased functionality, lower cost, and crystal-clear voice quality. A VoIP phone is a telephone that uses your internet connection to make calls and communicate. It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. If you haven’t been using VoIP at your business or you have a system that is antiquated, contact Sound Dimensions Plus in Long Island for an upgrade.


Advantages of Switching to a VoIP Phone

Keep up with the times. Not only does an IP phone reduce costs for your company, it also improves the user experience. The system can be fully integrated with other business systems, such as email and video conferencing. Let our AV company help you address your business telephony challenges by providing VoIP design and installation. Some benefits to an IP phone system or a phone upgrade include:

  • Improved Customer Service
  • More Mobility and Flexibility
  • Reduced Phone System Costs
  • Useful Phone Features
  • Integrated VoIP Phone with IT
  • And More

Convenient VoIP Design, Installation & Setup

Today’s internet phone systems offer much more than basic call processing. In addition, they provide a scalable communication hub for your business. Improve business communications by integrating video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), online collaboration, and mobility. Having more than 20 years of experience in the field, Sound Dimensions Plus can design and install an IP phone system that is customized to suit your current and future needs.

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