Get Connected with Home Telecommunications

We provide Wi-Fi installation and home networking services.

Change the way you connect to the world.

If you are still accessing the internet through old technology, then allow Sound Dimensions Plus to transport you into the modern age. Our company in Long Island installs network cable and home telecommunication products that make your life so much easier.

Faster internet. Better home security. Crystal clear phone calls. You can have it all! We install the fastest and most advanced fiber optic lines available. In addition, the products we carry are state-of-the-art. The key to successful custom home communications lies in the cabling and in the experience of the installers. Since 1994, our audio-visual company has been a leader in the field.


Move into the Modern Era of Home Networking

First came the telegraph, then the phone, then the cell phone, and now – smart homes! What’s next? Be smart and upgrade your home. Whatever wiring needs you have, we can provide. We’ve installed cabling for small spaces and large places. Recently, we ran 95,000 feet of cable for accompany in NYC.

There’s no reason to settle for slow Wi-Fi and outdated phones. Live life ahead of the rest. We’ll help you take advantage of the latest technology on the market to make your life more convenient and your home “smarter.”

Find out more about our custom home networking services by visiting our showroom in Syosset, New York, or using our contact form