XPEL Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle’s paint with XPEL paint protection film.


XPEL Paint Protection Film

Do you want an invisible way to protect your car’s grill and paint? Instead of purchasing a car bra, get complete-car protection with XPEL – a premium paint protection film. In addition to providing full-service car detailing, Sound Dimensions Plus professionally installs XPEL to protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches and minor damage. The result? A sweet-looking ride that maintains its value and attracts attention.


Sticks & Stones Leave Your Paint Alone

The enemy of car paint is road debris, as well as bugs, bird droppings, and overspray. Few things impact your car’s value like damaged paint. You could buy touch-up paint or get an entirely new paint job, but why bother? We have a much better solution. XPEL is a clear bra (protective coating) that acts as an invisible layer of armor. It offers 10 years of premium protection – guaranteed!

In addition, it is able to be safely removed without damaging the factory paint. So, if you still love your car 10 years from now, we can remove the film and apply another coating. When you depend on our company for XPEL protective film installation, we use a clear film that is computer cut for your specific vehicle. This ensures a perfect fit.

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For a high-performing, durable, and premium car paint protection product, contact our company today about our installation services.