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Sonos is the first name in wireless HiFi home audio. Sonos gives you affordable high-end streaming music speakers to create a whole-home audio system uniting your digital music collection in one app. Plus, you can control the audio through the app from any mobile device. It's a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components that plays music from your favorite streaming services, your personal music library and Internet radio stations from around the world. Call Long Island Sonos programmers and dealers, Sound Dimensions Plus today for a free consultation.

From the compact Play:1 to bread loaf-sized Play:3 to the bigger Play:5, Sonos has a the speaker for you, depending upon the size of the unit you want and how much you want to spend.

On the Sonos app, you will see an option in the Main Menu for "This Device". This is where you will find the music files and playlists stored on your mobile device to load into your home audio system. It can also load playlists from your laptop, desktop computers or external hard drive. These files can then be added to your Music Library on the Sonos app.

Each speaker in your Sonos system is both a Wi-Fi receiver and transmitter. That helps create a mesh network allowing owners of large homes to place speakers into every corner, at considerable distance from the central hub.

As a result, Sonos is much better than a Bluetooth connection. While Bluetooth features short-range wireless connectivity between a bluetooth speaker and a smart device to access music, Sonos gives you better range. Your smart device and bluetooth speaker need to be physically close to each other, limiting your wireless range and control.

The advantage of Sonos is that the smart speakers connect to one another over the existing WiFi network in your home. Wi-Fi has greater range and works with multiple devices. Sonos allows playing different music to each speaker or the same music (in sync) to all speakers. Those options are also controlled via the Sonos App on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

So take total control of your home listening experience by letting Long Island Sonos dealers and installers, Sound Dimensions Plus install a Sonos system with the Sonos app today. It will be music to your ears.