Long Island Control 4 & Savant dealers, installers & programmers

Turn your home, sweet home into a home, smart home. Control 4 is a home entertainment, lighting, security and climate control app that puts total control of your home or business in the palm of your hand. Whether it's scheduling a streaming movie, listening to music or creating a softly lit, comfortable spot to enjoy the rest of the evening, Conrol4 creates the perfect atmosphere with the touch of a few buttons. Contact Long Island Control 4 Dealers & Installers, Sound Dimension Plus for more information on the comfort and convenience of a Control4 system.

Whether you want one room programmed or the entire house, our technicians, well-trained smart home specialists, will design the smart home of your dreams.

How would you like to wake in the morning with a fresh pot from your coffeemaker, some soft music or news headlines and a warm, toasty 70 degree temperature so your bare feet aren't cold -- all without moving a muscle. That's because you can automate all of this the night before with Control4. Long Island Savant dealers & programmers, Sound Dimensions is here to answer all your questions.

Control4 integrates all of your music and entertainment sources and playlists, all of your lighting sources and all zones of your home lighting or heating. You can program your garage door opener or your home alarm system. And you can set them all from any enabled mobile device from the Control4 app.

When you're home, enjoy music from your library or streaming services or watch a movie with some home theater style lighting. If you're away from home, click on your "AWAY" settings on your mobile device and no one will know you're on vacation for a couple of day. For commercial clients, Control4 can help you set up lights and security that will make control of the office easier for you or your employees. Control4 works with over 8,000 products from hundreds of trusted manufacturers, ensuring that your favorites will always work with your system. From entertainment and lighting to safety and security, Control4 gives you total control of your home.